Indalo Bowling Club

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Competition Rules

Matches will be played as either Rinks, Triples, or Pairs, the format will be decided by the organiser of the day dependent on the number of entries.

Wherever possible leads & twos will be selected from the 0 – 5 handicap group and

threes & skips selected from the 6 and above handicap group.

Once a team has been drawn they can then decide between themselves their preferred

playing positions.

Each match will comprise of two sets of nine ends, there are no tie-breaks.

 No Trial Ends :

  • 1 shot only on the 1st end of the 1st set
  • Skips are allowed to visit the head

 On completion of the 1st set, there will be a break for refreshments.

 No  Dead Ends

 In the event that the jack passes completely outside the boundaries

 of the rink of play, then the jack will be re-spotted on the crosses on either side of the tee.

 The winner of the last end of the first set retains the mat for the start of the second set.

 The competition consists of a series of  8 matches where the top 8 bowlers with the highest points total from a  maximum of six 18 end matches will contest the final.

 If anyone qualifies for the final and is not available to play on the date published in the calendar/website then they will be replaced by the next in line on the points list.

 In the event of a tie on points affecting the top 8 players then shot difference will be used to decide any ties.


One point will be awarded for each end won.

Two bonus points will be awarded for each set won, if a set is drawn then one bonus point will be awarded to each team.

nb :  maximum points available for any two set match = 22 points,  ( 11pts per set ).


If teams are level after the completion of both sets then skips shall toss for the mat and play a one-end shoot-out to decide the winner, the team with the nearest bowl to the jack on completion of the extra end will be declared the winner.




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