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B 46 First spade being put into the ground by.....
A 16 This was after the first week.
A 17 Digging down to the hard rock.
A 18 Here is week two, 31st August and much work has been done.
A 19 You can now see the shape of our new bowling green.
A 20 There was a lot of interest and excitement as it was developing.
A 21 It was rolled first and then in came the hard core.
A 22 Yes - lorry after lorry for two days.
A 23 70 Centimetres of hardcore all over the base.
A 24 All levelled and rolled again.
A 25 Then covered with fine stones.
A 26 Now the pipes and blocks for the ditch.
A 27 In they go making sure the 'fall' is right.
A 28 The man with the bald head was the foreman and was very efficient.
A 29 They were very keen to get the job right as this was their first bowling green project.
A 30 The ditch is now being excavated according to plan.
A 31 The first layer of concrete is now being laid.
A 32 It is now starting to look like a proper bowling green.
A 33 Then unfortunately work had to stop for three days due to rain.
A 34 After the rain the steel arrived for the green drainage ditches..
A 35 ..and the steel for the ditch walls.
A 36 This was then covered with concrete.
A 37 This was then covered with concrete.
A 41 The foundation for the club house is now laid..
A 42 ..and the foundation for the cesspit are put in.
A 43 Then the reinforcing steel for the paths are put down.
A 44 The hardcore filling for the club house is poured in.
A 45 The contractor has been working very hard and the building work is gathering pace.
A 46 Now the main part of the job.
A 47 The last steel is put down with a laser to check all the levels.
A 48 The paths are now concreted.
A 49 The pathways and the edge of the main green are now finished.
A 50 The club house is now started and the top layer of concrete is laid on the green.
A 51 The foreman is piping in the concrete for the main club house wall foundations.
A 52 We were all getting very excited as it started to look like a bowling green.
A 53 More cement is added and now it has a top layer which is 8 inches thick.
A 54 Leveling off yet more cement.
A 55 The club house is also coming along nicely.
A 56 Work is now started on the top wall.
A 57 First the underlay was put down.
A 58 Then they polished all the concrete to make sure it was smooth.
A 59 The club house is nearly completed.
A 70 There was great excitement when the carpet arrived.
A 71 First the underlay was put down on the base.
A 72 All the carpet had arrived waiting to be fitted.
A 73 The carpet men started by laying strips to the ditch wall.
A 74 Everything was now ready for the laying of the carpet.
A 75 The first run of carpet being put down.
A 76 The green carpet looked very strange surrounded by the brown earth.
A 77 The first run of sticking proved a bit problematic.
A 78 The sticking machine was playing up but it was soon sorted out.
A 79 Many of the steering committee were at the site to watch the laying of the last of the carpet.
A 80 The carpet was now almost finished.
A 82 The last run of carpet going down.
A 84 With the help of the steering committee and a few more hours of stretching ….
A 85 .....we now have the best made and truest bowling green in the region. It still is after 10 years.
A 88 The walls being put up along with the fence and hardcore for the patio.
A 89 Building work was coming along nicely.
A 90 The last of the cement is laid for the patio.
A 91 With all the cement that was put down it should never move.
A 92 Everyone was very busy on site.
A 93 All the workman did a wonderful job of making sure everything was level.
A 94 The inside of the club house.
A 95 Rink markers were put on the walls of the green.
A 96 And here are the tiles arriving for the patio.
A 97 Now the stone cladding was added to the club house.
A 98 Washing down the patio tiles as they are laid.
A 99 Rendering the walls of the club house.
B 11 The last of the patio ties are being washed down.
B 12 Cliff and Andy are digging the holes for the trees.
B 15 Ken's party is cutting the carpet to fit.
B 13 Painting is beginning on the paths. Don Weaver is doing his share of the painting.
B 17 Mick is roller painting the path.
B 16 Pat is putting the finishing toughes to the path.
B 18 Everything stops for tea.
B 19 Rob is keeping her eye on Ken as he covers the outside wall.
B 20 Some of the girls arrived and we had bacon, eggs,tomatoes and fried bread!.
B 21 The boys then work much harder - here putting the finishing touches to the terrace.
B 22 The plastering is being done inside the club house and the bar is taking shape.
B 23 Nearly there. Last touches to the club house.
B 24 Some of the trees have arrived. That is a job for Cliff.
B 25 The trees are planted and it is almost ready for the green to be opened.
B 26 Grand Opening Ceremony. The local Mayor opening the new Indalo Bowling Club.
B 27 What a fabulous day! A lot of work by a lot of people had gone into making all this possible.
B 28 The Mayor with our first president, Mike Watts.
B 29 Our first day of bowling. How exciting! .
B 30 It was fantastic bowling and it was all ours.
B 32 Our carpet is considered so good, that we had ladies trials for World Bowls here.
B 33 The ladies enjoyed bowling on our new green.
B 34 On Feb 26 & 27 2001 we played the first Friendship Cup between 3 teams from Costa Blanca, Coast Almeria and Costa del Sol.
B 35 A great time was had by all, but we lost!.
B 40 We had to give the cup to Jimmy from Costa del Sol.
B 41 In .. we had the World Invitation Wheelchair Bowls Championships.
B 42 There were 48 competitors from 12 different countries.
B 44 Much hard work by many members, getting the bowlers on and off the green and pushing them up and down the rink.
B 45 A great time was had by all. Thanks to everyone who came to one of our first big events. Hopefully many more to come in the future.
B 37 Just to show you the setting of our club, then (2002)...
Now ...and now (2015). Will get a better photo to go here!!
A 38
A 40
A 81
A 83
A 86
A 87
B 14
B 31
B 36
B 38
B 39
B 43

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