Indalo Bowling Club


Competition Rules

All  games  will  be  played  in  line  with  the  Laws  of  the  Sport  of  Bowls.                                                  

Entry Fee : 8 euro p.p.

The competition comprises of  2 groups of  8 teams,  teams can be of any combination

Two trial ends before the start of each rinks match.

No visiting the head or remaining in the head whilst your opponent bowls.

If an end is “killed” and the jack goes out of the rink of play, then the jack will be re-spotted on the crosses either side of the tee.

The format is 6 ends of 2 wood rinks, 6 ends of 2 wood triples and 6 ends of 2 wood singles.  Each team will appoint their marker for the singles and he/she will keep the scorecard and may also act as a non-playing skip and can give advice if asked, any member of the team may play the singles.

Each member of the team will play in two sessions of each match.  Team skips will decide each player’s position for all disciplines. It is permissible to change the order of players during the course of the competition.

The scorecard in each match is continual for all three disciplines.  Cards must be handed into control after each match.

2 points will be awarded for winning each discipline, plus 2 bonus points for winning the overall match on shot difference. Points will be shared in drawn disciplines and matches.

If at the end of the group stage, teams are level on points then the team with the highest shot difference will be declared the winner of the group.  If the teams are still level on shot difference then winner of the game between the teams involved shall be declared the group winner.

The final will be played in exactly the same format as the group stages.  The winner will be the team with the most overall shots, if the final is drawn then the full rinks team will play a sudden death extra end.

 “ No show ” or late arrival (15 minutes) then 8 points and 8 shots will be awarded to the opposition.

If any team pulls out once the tournament has begun, then all points scored for/against for that team will be cancelled.

After commencement of the competition, substitutes may be allowed for reasonable cause.

Mixed club teams must play with the same set of identifying bowls stickers, (these can be obtained from the competition control. )