Indalo Bowling Club

Indalo Bowling Club


By Laws (Statutes)


These addendums are made pursuant to the Spanish Byelaws for Sports Clubs (25.5.08), hereinafter called “the Statutes” with all articles referred to being in the Statutes. Indalo Bowling Club is hereinafter referred to as “the Club”.

These addendums are necessary for the mutual benefit of the Members and ensure that the Club is run in an orderly manner by avoiding conflict between members and to safeguard the club from breaching it’s legal and accounting obligations.

Under the terms of the Statutes, the club does have a Governing Board (Articles 24 to 47).  It comprises of 14 members as described in section 5 of this addendum. All Board Members must be full members of the club.

The Club exists for Members to enjoy bowls and to this end the Governing Board voluntarily works hard to provide a good Club. Members have duties as well as rights which are defined in the Statutes and Internal Policy.  (Article 11 refers)  The prime duty of the Governing Board is to properly and efficiently manage the club and act at all times in the very best interests of the club.

All Governing Board members will be proposed, seconded and elected annually at an AGM/EGM, as adopted at the inaugural meeting of the club, and must be of one year’s standing (Article 17 refers). Members standing for the Governing Board must also be endorsed by 10% of the membership either collectively or individually. (Articles 40-47 refers).

It is a requirement of those members elected that they attend 70% of meetings and comply with all accounting procedures.  Failure to comply, subject to exceptional circumstances, will render the person or persons to not be eligible for re-election.

Any alterations or amendments to these Addendums can only be made by accepted proposals from AGMs and EGMs provided they do not contravene the Statutes. 


Every candidate for membership of the club shall be proposed and seconded by different Members of the Club ideally personally known to the candidate. Applications shall be made in writing signed by the candidate and by the proposer and seconder. (Article 13 refers).

When a candidate has been elected, the Club Membership Secretary shall send to him or her at the address given on their application, a request for payment for the first annual subscription. Upon payment and the giving of the undertaking referred to in Article 12 the elected candidate shall become a Member of the club.

It is a requirement of Membership of the Club that when accepted, a Member agrees to abide by the Statutes, these addendums and Internal Policy of the Club. A copy of the Statutes, Addendums and Internal Policy is available on the Club’s web site and may be given to every Member on application to the Secretary should they not have access to the web site.

Any member contravening the Statutes, Addendums or Internal Policies may be reported to the Governing Board who will decide on the action to be taken (Articles 12 and 48 refer).

Classes of Membership

      The classes of membership are as follows

Full Membership (as defined in Article 8.)

6 Monthly Membership

3 Monthly Membership

Social Membership

Honorary Membership


The Annual Membership commences on 1st November. Subscriptions are to be paid during the 3 months prior to and up to 3 months after 1st November. (See also Internal Policy 5). Dates for collection of subscriptions will be advertised by the Membership Secretary.

Should any Member fail to make payment of their subscription when due they will forfeit Membership of the Club. (Article 14 refers)

For the first year of their Membership, Members who do not join on 1st November will pay pro rata to the length of the year remaining as calculated by the Membership Secretary, until their first full subscription is due.

A Bond, indicating the Member is a full Member of the Club, shall be issued on joining the Club in the first year, at a rate determined by the Membership at a General Meeting. This bond must be surrendered by any Member on leaving the Club who will be reimbursed the full value of the bond paid.  Any bond not surrendered within six months of leaving the club will be cancelled in the club records with the monies taken as a donation to club funds.

Governing Board

The President is the Senior Officer of the Club and has the right to chair all meetings of the Governing Board and the General Meeting i.e. Annual General and Extraordinary General meetings. (Articles 28 and 29 refers)  The President should be available for advice when requested by any Member.

The Vice President should assist the President during their year of office and be familiar with the responsibilities of the President. The Vice President will deputise for the President in his/her absence and will chair any meeting at the request of the President. (Article 30 refers)

The Secretary, in addition to the duties (defined in Article 31), will also produce calling notices, agendas for and record minutes of Annual, Extraordinary and General meetings. The Secretary should also receive any correspondence on behalf of the Club responding to it as required by the President.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the keeping and maintaining all records dealing with the financial affairs of the Club (as defined in Article 32).   The Treasurer will also prepare the annual accounts and budget for the President within one month following the end of the financial year.  He will sign, with the President, and/or Secretary, cheques from the club’s current account.  In the event of non availability by any of these officers of the club, the second signature on cheques can be from one of other members of the Governing Board as agreed by the President and Treasurer and minuted in the first meeting of a new Governing Board each year.  In the event that two of the signatories are from the same family, then only one can sign a cheque but there can then be a second alternative signatory from the Governing Board.

The Captain will oversee all matters relating to bowls including tournaments, competitions, visiting teams and any other requests for green time for local, Federated, National or International events. The Captain will also chair all meetings of the Bowling Sub Committee and ensure any recommendations approved by the Governing Board are implemented. 

The Vice-Captain should assist the Captain to carry out their bowling responsibilities and deputise for the Captain in the event of absence through sickness or other commitments.

The Competition Secretary will be responsible for the organisation and running of all Club competitions and tournaments and publish the results thereof. The Competition Secretary will, in conjunction with the Calendar Secretary, compile a list of all Club competitions/tournaments for each forthcoming year.

The Calendar Secretary, in conjunction with the Competition Secretary and the persons responsible for calendars at the neighbouring clubs, compile, publish and maintain a calendar of the Clubs’ programme of events for each forthcoming year. The Calendar Secretary will also act as the liaison contact for requests for visits to Indalo Bowling Club.

The Bar Secretary will supervise the running of the bar, maintain stock levels and produce a rota of members to ensure that bar cover is in place for all club days and during bowling tournaments.

The Membership Secretary, working with the Secretary, will be responsible for maintaining and keeping the Club membership records, and collect the subscriptions at the commencement of each year on a date approved by the Governing Board.   The Membership Secretary will ensure all applications for new membership are prominently displayed on the Club notice board and that if accepted, new members to the Club are fully aware of their obligations. The Membership Secretary will also produce for the Electoral Commission at the Annual General meeting/EGM a list of all members eligible to vote and inform all members, not residing in Spain of any Annual or Extraordinary meetings. 

The House and Grounds Secretary will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the bowling green and its’ surrounds as well as the buildings, grounds and associated car parking area. The House and Grounds Secretary will ensure that any recommendations approved by the Governing Board are implemented.

The Social Secretary will book, arrange and organise any social functions as approved by the Governing Board. The Social Secretary will also supervise the provision of meals/sandwiches/refreshments when required during bowling tournaments.

Two other elected members with no specific remit complete the Governing Board  

        6.   Responsibilities of the Governing Board and Sub-Committees

The Governing Board, has the complete responsibility for the well-being and working of the Club bearing in mind, as far as can be ascertained, the wishes of the majority of the members. Each Board Member is there as a representative of the Members of the Club, but should matters arise in which there is a conflict between the immediate interest of the Members and the future of the Club, the future of the Club must take precedent.

The President is entitled to vote and in the case of equality of votes shall have a second or casting vote. In casting this second vote the President should exercise the right judiciously and consider the welfare of the Club above personal feeling. It is perfectly in order for this second vote to be cast differently from the first.

The Governing Board shall meet at regular intervals throughout the year. (Article 26.1 refers)  All major alterations or improvements (as defined in the Accounting Policies) for the Bowling Green, Club buildings or grounds must be approved by the Members at a General Meeting before they can be implemented.

The Bowling Sub Committee will comprise the Captain, Vice-Captain and the Competition Secretary, chaired by the Captain. The Bowling sub-committee will be responsible for ensuring that all aspects of bowling are carried out in conjunction with the bowling programme, and will also be responsible for all team selections including representative and friendly games. The Bowling Sub Committee will meet as and when the Captain deems necessary and should produce a Members Handicap List twice a year, ideally April and October.

The Social Sub Committee will be an ad-hoc sub-committee chaired by the Social Secretary and will include any Members the Social Secretary invites/volunteer to assist with social activities and/or food preparation.

The House and Grounds will be an ad-hoc sub-committee chaired by the House and Grounds Secretary and will include any Members the House and Grounds Secretary invites/volunteers to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of the Club grounds and buildings.

       7.   Elections

1.   The electoral commission is the body in charge of promoting the electoral process for the club’s Governing Board and representative bodies (Article 34).

2.   The system for the elections, when and how they should be called and the process to be followed is defined in (Articles 35, 36).

3.   The commission is responsible for approving the candidates for election and, in the event that they do not satisfy requirements, establishing a new electoral timetable (Article 40).

4.   The electoral board is responsible for ensuring the following (Articles 41, 42, 43, 44)

A)        Ensuring the identity of all voters has been checked.

B)        Only one ballot takes place at a time.

C)        All ballot papers are collected in ballot boxes identified as such and with the number used recorded.

D)        Announcing the closure of the ballot after which any votes not cast are deemed to be abstentions.

E)        Counting and verifying the number of votes cast and the number of spoilt papers, if any.

F)        Ascertaining the result and declaring the result to the President.

      8.    Loss of membership

Resignation: Any member wishing to resign their membership of the Club (Article 14 Refers) shall give notice in writing to the Secretary before November 1st and shall pay all/any arrears due at the date of such notice and surrender their bond if a full member.

Suspension and Expulsion will be exercised by the Governing Board in accordance with Articles 48, 49 and 50.  The period of any suspension, penalty or otherwise, will be the decision of the Governing Board following due process.

Conciliation: Matters of dispute between two or more Members can be submitted for conciliation. (Articles 51 to 58 inclusive refer)


Approved resolution from EGM 2 May 2015

Additions approved by the membership.

AGM 6 March 2015

That future committees be authorised to spending to 5,000 euros for Financial Year without having to call an EGM – Approved

EGM 2 May 2015

This meeting supports the proposals for the realignment, fencing in and car parking area as per plans – Approved

It was also agreed that 10 per cent could be added to the total costs for unforeseen expenses.

This meeting supports the building of first, a new club house and terrace, second the building of a new kitchen and third, the adaptation of the old club house to update the toilets and create changing rooms – as money becomes available as per plans – Approved.

This meeting accepts the adoption of the Indalo Bowling Club Addendum By Las (Statutes) – Approved.

EGM 20 July 2015

That the club members approve the new shirts as the designated club shirts and authorise the purchase of the new stock for sale – Approved.

That the members confirm the decision of the committee to spend a further 3000 euros for the upgrading of the electrical system – Approved.

AGM 12 February 2016

Proposal from Terry Kiggin “For the total refurbishment of the entire surround area within the club boundary” – Approved

EGM 28 April 2016

The proposal to the membership is that the club will from the 1st July 2016 take on the registering and payment for all club bowling members for their FAB licence regardless of whether they are 3, 6 or 12 month members.  There will be no alteration to the club membership fees.  A condition of membership will now include the requirement to permit the club to register you with the FA on your behalf.

The FAB has allowed for this year only, new members, from the end of June, to enrol for €7.50 for the half year.  A large number of our members have already paid the full €15.00 annual subscription as well as competed in some FAB competitions.    It is further proposed that they be refunded €7.50 each as soon as is reasonably possible – Approved

EGM 4 October 2016

The committee proposes that a flexible repayment loan to a maximum of 50,000 (Fifty thousand) euros payable over five years be obtained from the bank for the purpose of providing the balance of monies required to build a new Clubhouse within a maximum overall cost of 100,000 euros (One hundred thousand) – Approved.

At an EGM on the 12 September 2007, authority was given by club members to obtain full planning permission to build a clubhouse in the north east corner.  A licence was granted on the 12 May 2008 and fees paid of €6413. 

At the AGM 12 February 2010 the then committee made a proposal to continue with the outstanding planning permission for the new club house  The minutes show that this was passed unanimously.

At an EGM on 3 March 2012, further unanimous approval was given to build a bar and bar store, this to be the first phase of the overall build.  A lintel was installed in the end wall to enable a simple connection to the new club house to be built in the second phase.

Your present committee are proposing that as funds to build the new Clubhouse (retaining the Toldos in their present position) will be available provided agreement to have a bank loan is approved by members and as planning permission to build is already held, that the work is commenced, without further delay, at a total cost of 100,000 Euros (One hundred thousand) tin accordance with the plans on display in the clubhouse - Approved

AGM on 2017 

Proposal 1

As an alternative to the club financing the new clubhouse through bank borrowings, the Governing Board proposes that the following be put into place either in whole or in part according to the number of subscribers.

Since our borrowing requirement has been reduced to €40000, the club will make available 40 *€1000 bonds that can be taken up by members on the basis that repayment will be made by an annual ballot of 8 bonds per year. In return those members will receive a €20 reduction for each bond held in their subscriptions for a five year period regardless of when they actually receive repayment of their bond.  The maximum holding will be restricted to 10 bonds. In the event that more then 40 bonds are applied for, those applying for the most will have their application reduced.

The benefit to the club will be that the effective cost of this scheme would be to reduce the borrowing cost to €4000 over the five year term. This would represent a saving of approximately €4000 interest. 

Any bond holder leaving the club will be entitled to repayment of their bond at the end of the financial year. The Governing Board will at their discretion reduce the number of bonds in the annual ballot by the same. However, in the event that more than 8 bonds are required to be repaid, repayment will be made pro rata and the balance held over to the end of the following year. - Approved

Proposal 2

The Governing Board requests club members’ endorsement to their proposal to replace the carpet and underlay, after the building of the new club house has been completed, by purchase from Greengauge in the sum of £43,320 Stirling including VAT, delivery and fitting.  The monies to come from the carpet sinking fund as previously agreed at a general meeting of members. - Approved

Proposal 3

The Governing Board proposes that the fee for Social Membership be reduced to €5 being the cost of the required FAB insurance cover. - Approved

Proposal 4

The Governing Board requests your endorsement to their unanimous decision at their meeting in April 2016 to award Charlie Alman, a founder member, Honorary Membership - Approved

Proposal 5

From Alan Henshaw, seconded by Keith Harvey and supported by eleven members.  

“I wish to propose that sanctions be imposed on club members who do not carry out their bar duty when informed of the date by the bar Secretary. I would like it to be agreed by the club members that those defaulting receive a letter from the Governing Board stating that it is a requirement of all club members to undertake their turn at bar duty while they are a member of the club.  Should they default a second time, they will be suspended from all bowling activity for a period of one month on each subsequent occasion they default.  This ruling to come into effect from 1st March 2017.” - Approved

AGM on Friday 9th February 2018

Proposal 1 - From the Governing Board

That a new category of Membership be created entitled “Full Non Playing Member” with an annual fee of one hundred euros. Membership under this category is only open to current full members who have been full members for a minimum of five years and hold a club bond. Such members would have full voting rights and be eligible to hold office on the Governing Board. - Approved

Proposal 2 – Proposed by Andy Cooper and seconded by Doug Frith

That the Top Team Trophy won by a team from Indalo at Potters in March 2017 along with the accompanying photo given by Potters be displayed in Indalo House in perpetuity.  - Approved