Indalo Bowling Club

Handicap Singles Rules

All matches will be played in line with the laws of the sport of bowls.

This is a knock-out competition.

Handicaps will be per the latest club published list.

The difference in shots to be established prior to start of match and players handicaps recorded on the scorecard.

For e. g. : If player A has a handicap of 4 and player B has a handicap of 7 then the difference is 3 shots.

Therefore player B must score 21 + 3 ( 24 ) shots to win before player A scores 21 shots.

Markers will be appointed by the organiser for all matches.

Rinks will be drawn prior to commencement of all matches.

Two trial ends are allowed, with the number of woods to be agreed by both players.

There are no restrictions on visiting the head

Replacements are not allowed once the draw has been made and published.

“ No show “ or in excess of 15 minutes late then the match will be awarded to the opponent.