Indalo Bowling Club

Footbowl  League  Rules

1.  Teams  may  be of any combination, there are no trial  ends.

2.  To score a goal your team has to have 3 bowls counting at the completion of the

     end played.

3.  PENALTY  if the jack is knocked out of the boundary of the rink or into the ditch

     then a penalty is conceded and the end is considered completed.

4.  TAKING A PENALTY  On completion of the end following the penalty, the non

     offending team shall have the offending teams two nearest bowls to the jack

     removed, if this does not leave three woods of the non-offending nearest to the

     jack then the penalty is considered to have been saved.

   (The offending team cannot score a goal on this end, they can only save the penalty)

    NOTE  Two consecutive penalties conceded equals a goal to the opponents.

5.  SCORING  Pts are awarded as follows: 3 pts for a win, 1 pt for a draw.

     If any teams finish level on pts on completion of the group stage then goal

     difference will determine the group winner.

      If still level after points & shot difference then the winner of the match played

      between the two teams will be declared the league winners.  

6.   VISITING THE HEAD  Skips are allowed to visit the head.

7.   NO SHOW OR LATE ARRIVAL (15 MINS)  results in 3 pts and 2 goals being

      awarded to the opponents.

8.   If any session is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions the bowling

      committee will arrange a new date for the cancelled fixture/s to be played.

9.   SUBSTITUTES  are allowed for genuine reasons but a team must always play at

      least one original member, substitutes must be of the same or lower handicap,

      in exceptional circumstances where this criteria cannot be met then a substitute

      of a higher h/cap will be allowed with permission of the bowling sub-committee.

      If anyone substitutes twice for the same player in a team then he/she becomes a

      permanent member of that team.

      Substitutes of a higher handicap are not allowed to skip.

10. REPLACEMENTS In a situation where a team lose a member permanently,

      they can bring in a permanent replacement for the duration of the competition.

      The competition organiser must be informed of this change.

      If the replacement is of a higher handicap then they are not allowed to skip.

11. Every effort must be made to find subs when needed, playing matches outside the

      advertised play dates will not be allowed.

      Rule 7 will be applied if any game is not played on the advertised play date.


12.  Any disputes, the bowling sub-committee ruling will be final.







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The lists for the Handicap Triples and the Drawn Rinks are now up. The Low Handicap Singles is cancelled.