Indalo Bowling Club

Indalo Invitation Rinks Rules

All games will be played in line with laws of the sport of bowls.

Entry Fee : 8 euro per person.

Play will start at 9. 30am on all four days, games will consist of : 14 ends or 2hrs maximum.

Once all jacks are set, the bell will sound to start each game, a second bell will sound 5 minutes before the end of each game, no more jacks may be cast after this bell has been rung.

Each team will play 7 games in the round robin stage, the four group winners will contest the semi-finals ( winner A v B & winner C v D ), followed by the final and third & fourth place play-off.

2pts for a win and 1pt for a draw, shot difference will count in the event of teams finishing level on points

Where teams are still level after points and shot difference then the winner of the game where they played each other will be declared the winner, failing this then a countback of ends won will decide the group winner.

There will be no visiting the head or threes up at the head.

No Dead Ends : If the jack goes out of the rink of play then it is re-spotted on the crosses either side of the tee.

Skips to toss for the mat at the beginning of each game.

No trial ends – one shot only on the first end of each game.

In the event of any ties in the semi-finals / final or 3rd & 4th place play-off then an extra end will be played.

Substitutes will be allowed for reasonable cause, reasonable cause will be decided by the competition organising committee ( Indalo Bowling Committee ).

No show or late arrival ( 15 mins ), the game will be awarded to the opponents.  ( 2 points and 8 shots ).

Mixed club teams must play with the same identifying bowls stickers